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The following are testimonials about the AK Investigations team:

“AK Investigations has helped my clients obtain outstanding results each time that I have hired them. Amber was instrumental in finding key witnesses that the police were unable to locate. Further, she obtained physical evidence that I would likely not have been able to otherwise obtain. In one case, her recovery of physical evidence resulted in the DA agreeing to dismiss my client’s charges. She and her team are professional, superbly competent, and efficient. I recommend AK Investigations to any attorney whose case needs extra attention.”

— Bryan Stephenson – Attorney at Law

“The investigators I have worked with from AK Investigations have to be among the best in their field. Most impressive is the initiative they take when they embark on their investigation. They have uncovered facts and details that I would not have even known to look for. They have definitely made my job as an attorney easier.”

— Amy Goodwin, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have worked with Amber Kaset on two big murder cases. The first was a not guilty in a double homicide involving a 16-year-old Honduran illegal immigrant. Although the court provided a Spanish speaking interpreter for the court, I was not comfortable using the court’s interpreter to speak with my client. I enlisted Amber for my pretrial meetings with the client and had her serve as my defense interpreter at trial. I am told that Amber’s Spanish is perfect but that she can speak colloquial Spanish if necessary. Amber bonded with the client who still calls her from Honduras even now. She allowed me to be the lawyer and she often served as his support since he had no family here in Nashville. She helped brainstorm defenses, visited the crime scene and helped manage a very lonely and scared client.

The second case was the Marcia Trimble case which was 33 years old when arraigned. Amber doggedly tracked down every lead whether from an old source, a new source or from newspaper articles. She found people from 33 years ago including both prosecution AND defense witnesses. If you ever wanted an investigator who could ‘pour piss out of a boot’ without looking for directions on the heel, she’s the one. She’s smart, she’s interested and she’s a people person. I have literally seen people run after her to tell her a little more.”

— Laura Dykes, Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

“Amber Kaset is the kind of investigator an attorney hopes to find. She is conscientious, professional, incredibly intelligent, creative and can easily talk with anyone from a child, to a street-hard adult, to a highly traumatized witness to a Belle Meade socialite. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she speaks Spanish either. I can’t say in a paragraph how much I think of Amber Kaset’s skill and talent, but I can say that I would recommend her to anyone.”

— Willow Fort, Former Public Defender

“Amber is a highly skilled investigator. She has a unique compassion that allows her to interview witnesses very effectively. She is also creative; she shows initiative in both coming up with new ways to discover information, and in suggesting new areas of inquiry in a case. Amber is both brave and efficient, and would be a huge asset to any case… no matter how complicated or sensitive.”

— Sharon Ruiz, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Amber Kaset has been an invaluable component of the Metro Public Defender’s Office. She is a skilled investigator, with experience in a wide variety of criminal cases. She has always displayed an extraordinary work ethic, superior bilingual communication skills, and an intuitive sense of how to obtain and utilize information. She demonstrates poise and professionalism in her work, whether in the office, in the field, or in court. I recommend her investigative services without reservation.”

— Jeffrey A. DeVasher, Assistant Public Defender

“Amber is an efficient, thorough investigator. She understands the challenges of criminal defense litigation, and works hard to ensure that the attorneys have the information necessary to present a comprehensive defense. Because of her disarming demeanor, people feel comfortable talking with her, often forgetting her clearly stated purpose for contacting them. I have had multiple cases where Amber’s work has directly resulted in a dismissal or significant reduction in the level of offense for my client.”

— Amy Harwell, Former Assistant Public Defender

“Amber Kaset is a first-rate investigator who has helped numerous attorneys in our office, but her talents extend far beyond the typical investigator. When she investigates a case she becomes a dynamic member of the defense team. She works with attorneys to develop themes and defense strategies and diligently provides the legwork to bring those strategies to fruition. Ms. Kaset is creative and detail oriented when she interviews potential witnesses and she understands her mission. She finds witnesses that can’t be found and she gets her hands on reports, police records, background searches, and all of the other supportive documents that criminal defense attorneys need to prepare a defense.

When cases go to trial, Ms. Kaset becomes a vital member of the defense team, tracking down last minute materials, assisting with audio and visual presentations for trial, and making sure that clients and witnesses are getting the attention they need. She is also fluent in Spanish, making her invaluable with Spanish speaking clients and witnesses.

“If any attorney asked me to recommend an investigator for a criminal case, I would say without hesitation, ‘Hire Amber Kaset!'”

— Gary Tamkin, Criminal Defense Attorney

“She was proactive, and she genuinely cared for my client.”

“I have used the services of AK Investigations. More specifically, I used the service of Amber Kaset in my last jury trial, which was a rape trial that we received a not guilty verdict and a lesser included verdict. I could not have had this success for my client without the help of Amber. She went above and beyond what I expected her to do. She was proactive, and she genuinely cared for my client. I highly recommend her services.”

— Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law, Nashville, TN.

AK Investigations affiliations:

Member of the National Defender Investigator Association (NDIA)

Member of the Tennessee Association of Licensed Private Investigators (TALPI)

Member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

Member of Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (TACDL)